Here are some of the solar services available with us


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We provide solar for residental. Home solar panels are a source of electric power that is installed on the roof of the house. The goal is to maximize the absorption of sunlight, which is then processed into electricity.


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We provide solar power for commercial use. We ensure your easy transition to solar power so you can focus on managing your business. This system is not dependent on commercial electricity, solar panels will provide electricity to charge the battery during the day.


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We provide solar power to the industry. With the abundant potential for solar energy and the increasing demand for energy, especially in the industrial sector, we are able to meet the needs of solar power for your industry.

Operation & Maintenance

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We take pride in ensuring the smooth and reliable operation of your solar PV system. Our comprehensive services cover regular inspections, cleaning, performance monitoring, and proactive maintenance to maximize energy generation and extend the lifespan of your panels. Our team of experts is dedicated to keeping your system in top condition, so you can enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy hassle-free.

Vehicle Conversions

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EV Conversion is a process to convert/retrofitted gas or diesel powered vehicles into a battery electric vehicle. In the process, we take out all component related to engine (engine, carburetor/fuel injection, fuel tank, fuel pump etc) and some auxiliary component (HVAC, brake booster, power steering etc), replace them with electric motor, motor controller, battery pack and replacement of auxiliary component.

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